Increasing technology and business challenges such as virtualization, hyper-converged infrastructure , server and data center consolidation require a robust, yet adaptive server management plan for the enterprise. With the growing demand for your business, one needs to have data center up and running 24/7/365 without causing any business interruption, With expensive and mission-critical applications running on server infrastructure, a break-fix management methodology is simply taboo. Be it an over utilized resource causing an application failure or a malicious virus threatening data security, the Datacenter manager requires a server management solution that is proactive, up-to-date with technologies, and business intelligent.


Server performance and datacenter management solutions help you to:

  • DataCenter Migration
  • Monitor availability & performance of server resources
  • Monitor virtual server performance 24/7, including the guest instances
  • Troubleshoot & resolve bottlenecks using IT dashboards and server tools
  • Secure servers against internal/ external threats: Event Log, Syslog monitors, SNMP traps
  • Guarantee and deliver promised SLAs with intelligent server management
  • Analyze server usage trends for effective capacity planning