Business growth is being increasingly tied with reliable IT infrastructure. According to recent surveys by Gartner, organizations pay anything between $7000 and $13000 per year for managing one workstation. With the heavy business dependence on desktops and internal operations, the need for a reliable, cost-effective and easy to use solution has become more important than ever.

Challenges in Desktop Management

The whole cycle of procuring systems, commissioning them to users and supporting them everyday is a huge challenge to IT. Beyond the immediate need to minimize system downtime, retaining focus on proactive resolution of user problems is also primary for a good management practice. Finally, the constant fire-fighting causes undue stress to IT staff, greatly reducing their productivity.

Some common Desktop Management Concerns are

  • Managing configurations, patches, deployments and upgrades
  • Vulnerability Management against hacks and threats
  • Migrations
  • Discover all networked assets including workstations, printers, routers, servers and any other asset with an IP address assigned to it.
  • Gain in-depth asset knowledge including ownership history, inventory information etc.
  • Manage Software licenses with usage tracking, group licensing and policy definitions
  • Control across entire procurement and asset management cycle with Purchase Order and Contract management
  • Configure and Manage desktops remotely, from a central point
  • Execute custom scripts for deeper control
  • Support users by managing issues and changes from a central help-desk
  • Reduce latency by allowing user self-service ticketing portals
  • Detect, assess and remediate vulnerabilities across heterogeneous networked assets
  • Automate distribution and management of patches and security hotfixes